Akshat Rathi is a senior reporter for Quartz, where he covers science, energy, and environment. In January 2020, he’ll join Bloomberg News. He has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Oxford, and a BTech in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai.

He tells stories of the people and their ideas tackling the biggest problem facing humanity: climate change. And he is currently working on a book about scaling up climate solutions.

In 2018, he won Journalist of the Year at the Drum’s Online Media Awards ceremony, he was a finalist for the John B. Oakes award for distinguished environmental journalism, and he was shortlisted for British Science Writer of the Year by the Association of British Science Writers. Before that, he has won fellowships from Columbia University and City University of New York to enhance his reporting work.

Previously, he was The Conversation’s science editor and has worked at The Economist and the Royal Society of Chemistry. His writings have also been published in Nature, The Hindu, The Guardian, Ars Technica, and Chemistry World, among others. He has also served on the advisory panel of the 2019 Cairncross Review on the sustainability of high quality journalism in the UK.