Publisher: John Murray

Published in 2020

ISBN-10: 1529335949

ISBN-13: 978-1529335941

Akshat’s latest book will be published in 2023. Details to come.

United We Are Unstoppable

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming but, as this book shows, for every problem there are young voices raising awareness, creating solutions and demanding that things change.

See the world through the eyes of 60 young climate leaders from more than 40 countries as they fight for their homes and their futures.

These stories are devastating, defiant, inspiring and moving—above all, they are full of hope.

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Vital . . . The book’s essays pull no punches in calling out the crisis for what it is . . . But the book is far more than calls for leadership and coming together. It also shows kids and young adults are already taking action beyond the high profile strikes and lawsuits.Gizmodo

The book’s stories are powerful and myriad.Quartz

Engaging, fast-paced, inspirational . . . mandatory reading — Siddharth Singh, author of THE GREAT SMOG OF INDIA

An essential collection of essays written by a diverse group of young people from all over the world who are working to protect our one and only home. Get a copy for yourself, and give another copy to a young person in your life! — Leah Stokes, political scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara

What a wonderful collection. The world is lucky to have Greta Thunberg – and just as lucky to have this collection of like-minded young people in every corner of the planet, hard at work to make things better. But don’t take the message that we should simply leave the climate crisis on the shoulders of high school kids. Take the message that we should follow where they lead! — Bill McKibben, founder of and New York Times bestselling author

This collection of inspiring stories from all over the world is the perfect antidote for those dismayed at the political wrangling and lack of courage to confront the existential challenge of our times. This book should be required reading for anyone concerned about climate change. — Adnan Amin, senior fellow at Harvard University and former head of IRENA

It’s fun to read about kids doing great things to save the planet‘ Annan (9 years old) and Sonja (6 years old). ‘What they said — Gernot Wagner, Annan and Sonja’s dad, climate economist at New York University and co-author of CLIMATE SHOCK

Every activist has a story. Every story has a solution. Every solution can change a life. I am truly inspired by these stories of climate activists from various parts of the world. This is an amazing book. — Vanessa Nakate, Ugandan climate activist

It is impossible not to be moved by these young activists. Everyone will learn something new. Akshat Rathi has done the world a great service in bringing these genuinely diverse voices from across the planet into one place. United We Are Unstoppable is essential reading if you care about the future of life on Earth. — Professor Simon Lewis, University College London


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