• I’ve co-founded Oxford Ideas which launched Relaxing Stories, an iPhone app, to bring a well-known relaxation therapy on an easy to use platform.
  • I’ve co-founded Oxford Transhumanists, a student group, for discussions on the future of science and technology and its impact on human beings.
  • Slow-carb diet: I’ve been on a diet prescribed by Tim Ferris for 8 weeks and have successfully lost 3 kg.
  • Polyphasic Sleeping: For one year I slept for a total of 4.5 hours every day with only 3.5 hours of sleep at night and 3 naps of 20 minutes each.
  • Youth ki Awaaz: A mouth piece for the Youth. Contributed to science & technology section.
  • The Spirit : The bimonthly newsletter that I founded with my colleagues during my days in ICT.
  • Interesting Quotes : So much can be said in few words, I love to collect witty, interesting quotes for reading later. Much of them can be found on my twitter stream now.