The solution is in the theory of relativity

Whenever we think about problems, although getting solutions to the problem should be our first concern, it is not. What comes first is always the fear of failure. It is the first hurdle even before we start the process of prioritisation. This bogs us down as it affects our state of mind from handling the problem in the full capacity that we could have. And somehow every problem seems like a big problem.

So how to handle this? I think the solution lies in the theory of relativity. Oh yes, it took Albert Einstein’s extra large brain to come up with the solution to this. Well, not really. What I’m suggesting is to take a step back and use the power of comparison. I’m asking you to compare your problem with those who have to think whether they will get to eat the next meal before they finish the meal they are having or with those who have to take decisions that will decide the fate of millions of people. Putting two problems of completely different dimensions side by side gives a sense of the actual difficulties involved in it and clears the difficulties that our mind manifested earlier.

Well, if that does not work try this. How about you look at yourself from the camera of a satellite and then you zoom out. From your head to the town you live in, to the country you live, to the planet you have lived on all your life. How about you try to feel that you are just a speck in the universe, whose problems are not the problems that cannot be solved. I find this humbling experience helps me put my problems back in perspective and start afresh on a stronger base.

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