How to pack like a pro (for guys)

Yes, I’m packing to go to Europe. First up, the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting and then a few days travelling in Switzerland. Inspired by a post from Grace,  here’s how to pack like a pro for guys only and no, I’m not going to do it with pretty pictures.

1. Liquids: Really? Do we need any? haha.. kidding. All we’ll need is a perfume (or deodorant), toothpaste, shaving cream & aftershave tightly wrapped in a plastic bag or better get one of those shaving kit pouches which can fit it all in. Yes, I have one. Make sure that caps are screwed on well before u put them in. Those going to Lindau, do get the insect repellent and allergy cream.

2. Undergarment bag: We don’t need one. … our dignity is right where it has to be. 😀 Someone wants to go through our baggage, they are free too. If they touch them, it’s their problem. Might be a good idea to carry some plastic bags to put the used ones though. 😉

3. Personal Hygiene bag: Wow! We don’t need that either. We got no jewelery or make-up to put in it. The shaving stuff will be in the shaving kit bag with all the liquids. 😉 The rest (emergency napkins, toilet roll?)  can go in anywhere in the bag.

4. Roll up your clothes: “Instead of folding squares, a superior method is to roll them up.  It reduces the space that they take up, and they unfold upon arriving at your destination without weird creases.” Nice idea. I’m willing to give this one a try. In the clothes, department, we do have a problem if we’re getting a suit (which I’ll need for the meeting!). Here’s a way of folding your suit without a garment bag.

5. Shoes: You all know. One pair of sneakers & one pair of formal shoes. Sweet!

6. Spare room for souvenirs: Nah! We’ll get some beer for our mates back home but that can be bought at the duty-free shop at the airport. Yes, I’ll also get some mugs, bells and chocolates (because I’m going to Switzerland) but considering I don’t need half the things that Grace did, I’ll have plenty of space in my bag.

Grace’s idea of two bags is good because in case you lose one, you’ll have something to continue on. But as I’m going to be a lot on the foot in Switzerland, I’ve decided to carry just one trekking bag. Inside the trekking bag, I’m going to take a smaller shoulder bag which will have my valuables (laptop, camera, passport, etc.) and which I can carry separately when I have a chance to leave the trekking bag in a hotel for the day. It’ll be perfect for the Lindau meeting as well.

PS: Lindau attendees, do read Jessica’s post (a quick survival guide) here.

2 thoughts on “How to pack like a pro (for guys)”

  1. Man. You are going to Lindau meeting.. I thought one pen, notepad and a brain filled with curiosity and questions would be enough packing for it…!
    Anyway best wishes and have fun!

  2. Only if demands of courtesy were not so pressed, I could have been tempted to call it ridiculously MCP!

    P.S.- the element of humour has well come to its rescue!

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