From a proud brother by Anonymous

I see a shining new star and I am amazed at this pure bright light.

Although I am too far I can feel everything is falling right.

I had felt the same two decades back when an angel had arrived.

I knew it even then I will be proud one day

That my little girl will soon carve her own way.

Now that she has proved me right,

my heart swells with pride.


All that I want to say

is ‘my dearest princess although I am far away in my heart I am with you everyday.’

My wishes are yours and your success makes us proud.

As the privilege to call you my sister is mine, today I feel like I am really on the 9th cloud.



In every moment that has gone

life unfolds all the joys you want.

All that this brother wishes today is that higher and higher you rise.

And every time you need me you’ll find me by your side.

Love, happiness & success all will come to you

and in everything that you do I will be with you.

5 thoughts on “From a proud brother by Anonymous”

  1. Well said ! appropriate words for the right moment. We hope Surabhi will prove herself worthy of this poem.

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