Sparking young minds

Last year I helped organise a science essay writing competition in my high school. This year, with the help of teachers, a similar competition was organised at Rasbihari International School in Nashik (where I also gave a talk earlier this year). The topic for the students this year was ‘A scientific discovery or invention that changed the world.’

Selected essays that I read had covered these subjects: aeroplanes, electricity, E=mc^2, medicine, space, and computers. Among those the winners of this year’s competition are:

  1. Vaishnavi Maniyar
  2. Saloni Lodha
  3. Shruti Tarle

You can read the essays by clicking on their names. My criteria for judging these essays was imagination, accuracy, flow of ideas, and use of language. The winners are being given the following books:

  1. What Einstein Told His Cook – Robert  L. Wolke
  2. How to Fossilise your Hamster – Mick O’Hare
  3. Why Can’t Elephants Jump – the New Scientist

I am grateful to Piyushee Amrite, Suchitra Sarda, my mum and others who helped organise this. The school has agreed to hold this competition annually, and I am looking forward to reading more such interesting essays.

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