59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman

I found the book to be an interesting read. Although, I have to admit that after a while the studies and their results got a little boring so I started skipping to the ‘In 59 seconds or less’ section where he concludes the studies and gives a set of to-dos to make the best of those results. I’ve made a list of those below:

1. Keeping a diary to keep a happier future. On the following days write about:

  • Monday Thanksgiving: Write 3 things you are grateful about
  • Terrific Tuesdays: Write abt an experience from the past that blew you away.
  • Future Fantastic: Imagine everything’s gone write where would you be?
  • Thursday Dear: Write to an important person in your life
  • Friday Review: Look back a the week and write abt three things that went well

2. Buy experiences not goods. It’s better to give than receive.

3. Smile. Sit Up. Act Happy.

4. In interviews:

  • Find out what you genuinely like about the organisation and/or the job.
  • Give a genuine compliment to the interviewer
  • Chat about a non-job related topic
  • Be interested
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Smile and maintain eye contact
  • Talk about weaknesses early
  • Don’t overreact to mistakes

5. Franklin Effect: People like you more if they carry out a favour for you. Pratfall effect: The occasional slip-up can enhance your likeability.

6. To avoid suffering from the bystander effect, if unfortunate enough to be in such a situation, find a friend face and tell them exactly what you need.

7. Favours for strangers have the greatest ‘return value’. For maximum return ask for a  return favour quickly.

8. To achieve goals do the following

  • My goal is to..
  • I believe I can achieve this goal because..
  • To achieve this goal, I will..
  • This will be achieved by…
  • My reward for achieving this will be…

9. Doublethink: For any goal

  • Think about two biggest benefits
  • Think about two biggest hurdles
  • Elaborate on biggest benefit
  • Elaborate on biggest hurdle
  • Elaborate on second-biggest benefit
  • Elaborate on second-biggest hurdle

10. Eat slowly to eat less. Make a taller drink to drink less. Keep food out of sight to keep out of mind. Focus on food to eat less. Own small crockery. Keep a food diary. Regret and reflection. Use more energy. Put a mirror on the kitchen wall. Don’t fall for ‘diet’ packs.

11. For creative solutions to a problem, do the following:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Change perspectives.
  • Play with the problem.
  • Ask difficult questions.

12. Try a brief touch on upper arm to get someone to help you.

13. When you experience an event with a potential to make you angry ask the following about the event

  • Did it make you stronger or make you aware of a strength that you had?
  • Did it make you appreciate aspects of your life?
  • Did it help you become a wiser person or strengthen a relationship?
  • Did it help you become more compassionate?
  • Did it help you become more skilled at communicating?

14. Relationships have several physical and psychological benefits. To improve your the longevity of the relationship do the following:

  • Day 1: Write about the deepest feelings of your relationship
  • Day 2: Think about a relationship that is inferior to yours
  • Day3: Write about an important positive quality of your partner

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