Six (Thinking) Frames by Edward de Bono

I read this book on the advice of a friend. It has some useful models but it’s not very easy to put it in practice. May be I found it hard to relate the shapes with the ideas and thus found it hard to remember. Very short and quick read though.

Rating 3/10. Finished 2011-04-11.

“Attention is a very key part of thinking and yet we pay very little attention to attention itself.

“The weakness of attention is that it is pulled to the unusual. How much attention do we pay to the usual?

Thus there is a need to be able to direct attention and one way to achieve that is by setting out frameworks to do it in a conscious manner.

“The big enemy of good thinking is confusion. Unfortunately, the more active the mind, the greater the risk of confusion. The aim of all good thinking is clarity.

The purpose of the frames: “each frame prepares the mind to look at the information in a specific way. We see what we are prepared to see. We know that perception is the most important part of thinking. So the way we perceive information is all-important.”

“much of the time we look at information as a way of filling time and as a distraction. We may read the newspaper at breakfast alone or because we do not want to talk to anyone else.

“a balanced piece is very rare and very powerful because the reader feels that he is being put in the observer seat and is not being lectured at.

Interest and Value are important aspects of information that need to be given special attention.

“Six Value Medals

Gold medal: values that are human and apply directly to people. Positive (appreciation) and negative (humiliatin).

Silver medal: values that apply to organizations. Family and business.

Steel medal: values that affect quality

Glass medal: values for innovation and creativity.

Wood medal: values for your surrounding. Nature and more.

Brass medal: values for perception.

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