Conversational Orgasms

Yes, I just used the word orgasm on my blog. Sorry but I couldn’t use the word high, peak, summit or even crescendo. It would’ve been an insult to all the conversational orgasms that I’ve ever reached. So here goes an ode to a pleasure unlike any other.

Just like a real orgasm, conversational orgasms are difficult to describe and must mean different things to different people. There is no denying when you have reached one. You don’t just feel it inside of you but have to show it those around. Sharing isn’t bad, of course, because the feeling is usually mutual.

Yet unlike the real thing, all the ones that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing have been unique. I’ve shared them with few special individuals and it has usually ended in a mutual feeling of respect for the other person. There is no icky after-feeling. The mental nakedness is enjoyable. After-sex talk is desirable, often necessary.

Multiple orgasms in a single conversation are rare but happen. When they do, you are forced to accept that the other person knows what he or she is doing. You are brought down to your ‘mental’ knees as if divinity were a real thing. There is no shame in raising your partner to a pedestal that few deserve.

Unfortunately though, conversational orgasms aren’t given the importance they deserve. It’s mostly because few people are capable of reaching them. They also put those off who’ve experienced it once but have not been able to ever since.

Another reason is that, beyond the sheer joy that they bring to the people involved, they aren’t glamorous to those ‘watching’. Of course, scientifically this disconnect makes complete sense. Their nature isn’t rooted in our biology but our intellect. And as such, the combination of factors that make up a conversational orgasm is different for each pair.

Now to answer the difficult question – what is a conversational orgasm?

For me, it’s a point in a conversation when suddenly things make complete sense. It’s as if you’ve just placed the most critical piece of a 1000-piece puzzle. I get to see the world in a different light from the moment before.

Conversational orgasms are usually followed by a realisation that I’ve taken an intellectual leap. What makes it happen doesn’t have to be anything profound. Making sense of simple things is equally pleasurable and even unique.

Very often these orgasms are reached at the end of many conversations. It’s like those involved have been struggling hard to find each other’s g-spots. When they do, of course, it’s magical.

I hinted earlier that the feeling is mutual, which indeed it is but the pleasure isn’t. There is a certain amount of sacrifice that each one needs to make in order to let the other one enjoy. Much like what you do to have good sex.

I’m sure by now you are wondering whether you can reach one through pleasuring yourself. Of course, the closest I get to conversational orgasms with myself is when I write. And admitting this shouldn’t put you off, there shouldn’t be anything icky about this. It’s true though that self-pleasure goes only so far. There’s nothing like reaching it with someone.

What about conversational orgies, you ask?

If I think back, I can remember being close to reaching conversational orgasms in a group but never quite all the way. It seems that, for me, having a partner whom I know well and who knows me well enough is important. This is not to say that others may not have experienced it in a group. I hope I am able to too some day.

All this talk about orgasms and conversational orgasms makes me wonder what might it be to achieve them both simultaneously!

2 thoughts on “Conversational Orgasms”

  1. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I live for those moments, as conversation and words are the only pleasures I hold higher than the physical. I too understand writing orgasms, reading orgasms AND conversational ones. Thanks for sharing the feeling. I can’t explain to my non-writer friends.

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