iOS games I recommend

I loved computer games once. But, since I got an iPad, that is all I use to play games. Below is a list of my favourites. Most should have an Android version, too.

  • Smash Hit: Addictive game where you use pinballs to break tricky glass barriers as you make your way through different levels. The difficulty levels are perfectly set, so you won’t be able to blitz through. And for a simple game, the graphics and audio are quite well-made.
  • Clumsy Ninja: Made by NaturalMotion, one of my favourite developers, gets you closest to what natural motion of a human being feels like. The aim is to train your Ninja to fight the people who took his not-so-clumsy girlfriend away. The only bad part is that the only fighting involved is with dummies (unless there is real fighting after level 50, which I haven’t reached).
  • 2048 the game: One of the simplest and most fun game I’ve ever played. The aim is to add same-numbered tiles (of multiples of 2) to get to tile 2048. Warning: it’s simple but not easy.
  • Words with Friends: Great social replacement for Scrabble.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012): I loved playing the original NFSMW. For a change, an iOS version of a desktop game has lived up to my expectations. Graphics are great, soundtracks are sick and cars are the same.
  • Ridiculous Fishing: Just what the name says, except with an old fisherman, retro graphics and silly soundtracks.


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