Photography is a hobby that I try to keep up with earnestly. My photography work can be viewed at my Flickr page. Previously, I have worked for The Spirit, with many of my photos featured on the magazine cover, and as Associate Editor at the Oxonian Review, where I worked on the Photography section and the blog ORBits.


  1. Oxonian Review’s Talk: Prof. John Brooke at Exeter College, 26th Jan, 2009
  2. Oxford Sri Lankan Society’s Independence Day Celebrations, 1st February, 2009. (Also see the Asian Tribune Coverage)
  3. Oxford Indian Society’s Annual Cultural Festival, Malhaar, 10th May, 2009
  4. Oxford SAARC Society concert, This is not FUSION, 1st Nov, 2009
  5. Guy Fawkes Night at St. John’s college, 5th Nov, 2009
  6. Preview of the Ashmolean Museum, 9th Nov, 2009
  7. The Albion Beatnik Bookstore Interview, 1st March, 2010


  1. Photo of the Week, The Oxonian Review, 26th Oct 2009
  2. Alternative Steampunk, The Oxonian Review, 1st March 2010
  3. Photo of the WeekThe Oxonian Review, 16th Feb 2011


  1. Cowley Road, Oxford
  2. Adventure Abingdon
  3. The Doors on Princes Street
  4. In the Capital & around
  5. Bambai

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