The opinionated Indian

Indian cricketers, according to its fans, are either the best in the world or the worst, depending on the result of the last match they played. And while some may want to believe that such extreme opinions exist only in sports, they cannot deny that this opinionatedness exists among Indians in most other areas of life.

It is better then that we accept this state of being, especially if we find ourselves become victims or beneficiaries of these opinions. 

We all live in a bubble…

…just different ones.

There is only so much information that one can, at any given moment, comprehend and act upon. The inability to appreciate everything around us, along with our human biases, means that all of us end up living in bubbles.

Thus when choosing where you want to be in life, consider which bubble lets you be your best self and allows you to contribute the most to the world. Also, while you are at it, try to always be aware of what bubble you live in.