Why would someone read your story

With a flood of news available to every reader today, why would someone want to read what you write?

William Blundell in The Art and Craft of Feature Writing has, what he calls, the laws of progressive reader involvement. Or as I call it, why would I read your crap:

  1. Tease me, you devil: Intrigue me a little. Give me a reason for going on with your story instead of doing something else. Remember, I have no investment in you at all.
  2. Tell me what you’re up to: Enough teasing. What is your story really about? Please, no windy explanations, no details – just what’s going on here.
  3. Oh yeah? You’ll have to prove what you just said. Let’s see your logic. Let’s see your evidence. I’ve invested time in you by now, so I’ll be patient – but you better be convincing
  4. I’ll buy it. Help me remember it. Make it clear. Make it forceful. And put an ending on it that will nail it into my memory.

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